/About me.


My name is Elena, an enthusiastic creative designer based in Antwerp. It all started when I was just a kid when my passion for puzzles and "wall"-painting (some impressionist doodling works in my old staircase) took over. 

"Why" became my favourite word, and challenging myself became a routine. Not enough by trying everything around me I immersed myself in Art and Design studies, together with a bit of maths and technical matters (okay I survived Engineering, I did). 

Then I discovered that not only endless logic enigmas or paintings were my driving engines, it was the fact that I was constantly observing the world outside me, intrigued by "what was missing"

Let’s say I found my purpose: creating for and with the people. 

Experienced already in Product, Branding, Illustration, UX,... 

There is always plenty of room for great ideas that start just with a small dream, your dream.