Do you speak “Branding”?

3 mistaken key terms

What do they see?

Brand image/ personality / identity in balance for a coherent message.

Become the voice of your principles, state the right message.

So I hear all the time, you do branding right? But do you do logos? Or do you do Digital Marketing?

Then my answer, instead of directly jumping into a messy and knotty answer, gets as simple as this: I help your brand transmitting the exact message that you want to roll out from it, I help to do so through a design process, does what I do. Then of course all implementations and assets derived needed are the result.

In fact, How do you come up with that exact message, with the image and personality of your brand? Well I guide you to do so.

Because there is nothing less authentic than, A brand that in time becomes a pure product of marketing loosing its initial purpose, or one that due to lack of refreshment stays stagnant. A shining- bright new start-up that have tones of ideas and passion involved but does not know where to get started. And the list keeps endless. For me all of them need help towards their branding and get things a bit shaken up.

But let’s do not get lost into trying to define what branding really is or what different designers perceive from it.

For this post I just want to clarify 3 key concepts that in branding world we use over and over, that are incredibly relevant for the brand architecture and business plan, but that people mostly do not know how to differentiate.

SO … which terms are those?

  • Brand Image

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Personality (underrated, by far my favorite part to explore)

Starting per order, what is the so-called Brand Image?

In a nutshell, imagine your brand is behind a fake mirror, and everyone that passes in front looks at it, have a first impression, it’s the current view of it. They don’t see you, they see what you do or say, what you project outside. They will even reinterpret your actions depending on its context, voice, visuals and media channels they see it at.

Simplified, the brand image is what people perceive and interpret from the outside world.


You want to be seen among others

You have a vision, but do you project the correct message?


Right now, then you might be questioning yourself what is then the Identity of a brand. That’s how the business behind the mirror want to be seen.

This is key, since a lot of entrepreneurs or business-driven people fail. They want to have a certain image, say something specific, and due to the media and channels they used to pass on their message, the chain fails and ends up in a deformed image, with an “Image” not correlated to their Identity.

See the man in the picture? The image he projects is empty, his brand message and identity are not clear, he doesn’t even know who is he talking exactly to, therefor he goes unnoticed, transparent. His competition, clearly structured that knows how to speak to their audience stands on top totally defined in both worlds.

This is a tricky part that I insist my clients with. You have to first find the purpose of not only your brand, but your own purpose and why you want to transmit certain values and principles, why you want to dress your brand in a particular way, and moreover, is that identity you want to give in resonance with yourself?


Here is where the definition of Brand Personality comes ideal. The personality you give to it consists of a set of characteristics derived from the humans behind the businesses, any personality traits linked to the concept and associated strongly with the brand.

The three principles/definitions/ statements are strongly related and cannot differ or be out of balance.


So always think: What do I want people to see (Identity), what they are truly perceiving (Image) and what are the characteristics that define the brand, what its “personality”?

This is one of the first exercises I do with my clients. Guide them into a deep introspection and find the links that will recreate a cohesive message among all the aspects of their brand.

Build a solid Identity that will translate into the desired image to their clients and have the personality that represents their core values.

Want to get started in rooting and shaping your brand from bottom to success? Make a brand, be proud of your brand!

See you in the next one.

Let me know what you think below in the comments! Suggest topics and ask me any question.

- Elena.